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Eating, drinking, nightlife, entertainment a definitive guide to Okinawa

Okinawa NightLife is a comprehensive web portal featuring Okinawan cuisine, entertainment and nightlife, including a broad range of information about Okinawan food culture, eating and drinking establishments, places for a night out, events, festivals, concerts, exhibitions and much more. This is a new type of English website that provides tips for making the most of your time on the island. In addition, the website is a perfect travel guide for tourists, and users can easily find the information they are looking for simply by utilizing its search box.


What makes Okinawa NightLife so special?

Packed with interesting articles about Okinawa’s food culture

Feature articles are designed to provide users with the opportunity to learn about Okinawa’s food culture: traditional Okinawan dishes, Ryukyuan palace cuisine, awamori and casual foods such as taco rice. The website also offers information about restaurants located in hotels and beachside cafés with panoramic views. The feature articles are updated regularly, and the theme and category vary from piece to piece to keep users’ interest. By exposing users to interesting content, the well-designed website naturally leads them to browse different category pages.

A site full of informative articles

Not only paid advertisements and advertorials but also articles and information on the island feature equally on the Okinawa NightLife website. With over 500 local business listings at the launch of the website, it aims to create a large and up-to-date database with information on more than 1,000 establishments.

Combine media for maximum reach

Combining your online component with a print ad in the free Okinawa NightLife booklet, you can effectively expand your reach to both print and online readers. The Okinawa NightLife website is updated continuously, while the booklet is issued twice a year. Moreover, the website achieves a speedy spread of information to a far larger number of people by linking with facebook and other social networking websites. The website also lets users post comments on the stories.

Your source of entertainment and cultural information in Okinawa

From eisa dance and dragon boat festivals to sports events, art exhibitions and special nightclub events, the Okinawa NightLife website provides comprehensive, up-to-date information about the island’s entertainment. By sharing event reviews with users and focusing on information about local performing artists, the website is designed to i

ntroduce a variety of fun things on the island to foreign residents and international tourists.

Fast and flexible search box

The search box is designed to allow users to easily access information and various web content. The search can be narrowed to find specific shops and restaurants. Users can use the search box to find specifically what they’re looking for.


Okinawa NightLife offers many different types of advertising plans staring at 5,000 yen per year.
Contact us for more information about ad placement and advertising rates.



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Okinawa Night Lifeでは年間5,000円から出稿できる様々な広告メニューを取り揃えております。



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