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Get a taste of Okinawa Vol. 2

Experience the fascinating world of Okinawan cuisine





Goya champuru, Okinawa soba and rafute are some of the most popular Okinawan dishes, and all can be enjoyed at almost any local eatery or izakaya.

In addition, Kyutei cuisine, Ryuykuan palace cuisine, is something that you are strongly encouraged to try while in Okinawa. Kyutei cuisine was created for the pleasure of envoys from China, which boasts thousands of years of gastronomic culture, through extensive culinary research during the reign of the Ryukyu monarchs.

Kyutei cuisine offers a great variety of delicious and visually appealing dishes, including an hors d’oeuvres-style dish elegantly arranged on a lacquerware platter that is divided into eight sections (tundaabun); steamed pork with black sesame (minudaru); beautifully carved and colored squid flower (hana-ika); tender seasoned pork (rafute); and pork belly soup (nakami-jiru). In Kyutei cuisine can be found the essence of Slow Food, and each dish is well prepared with great care. It is said that when a Chinese envoy (who would normally bring his own personal chef with him from China) first tasted Ryukyuan palace cuisine, he was deeply moved.




Kokusai Street in Naha and the resort area in northern Okinawa are dotted with a number of places where you can savor Okinawan dishes, Kyutei cuisine and awamori while enjoying traditional Okinawan dance performances and live sanshin entertainment.

There’s no better way than sipping a glass of awamori accompanied by the pleasant strains of a sanshin to immerse yourself in the truly Okinawan experience.


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