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Healthy Okinawan ingredients Vol.3



Fresh vegetables cultivated in the fields in strong sunlight, natural sea salt produced from mineral-rich, crystal-clear Okinawan seawater, naturally sweet and flavorful tropical fruit, purple sweet potato and taro… These are only a few of the specialty products that Okinawa offers. A wide selection of seasonal specialty products is available at roadside stations and farmers markets run by JA (Japan Agricultural Cooperative) throughout the island.


Since the March 11, 2011 nuclear disaster on the mainland, there has been an increasing demand for fruits and vegetables grown in Okinawa, the farthest Japanese prefecture from Fukushima.


With restaurants featuring fusion cuisine prepared with Okinawan vegetables and fresh, locally caught seafood, cafés with health-conscious menus and eating establishments that exclusively serve longevity meals, there are a variety of healthy dining options on the island.


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