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Tips for seafood lovers



As with all islands, Okinawa offers plenty of marine products. Preferring warm water, tuna populate the seas around the Okinawan islands in large numbers, and tons of tuna are caught in Okinawan waters throughout the year. Tuna accounts for about half of Okinawa’s annual catch (17,000 tons), and there are countless restaurants and eateries on the island offering Okinawan tuna. Tuna is one of the most popular fishes in Japan, and it’s highly valued for being high in protein and low in calories.


You can enjoy locally caught fresh fish at places like seafood specialty restaurants, izakaya and sushi bars. For people who want to enjoy the freshest seafood to their hearts’ content at affordable prices, eateries attached to local fishing ports are highly recommended. At the fishing ports in Okinawa, including Naha Port, Awase Port, Toya Port and Itoman Port, and the roadside stations in Onna, Nago, Ogimi and Kunigami, you can enjoy a variety of seafood items: mussels with sea urchin sauce, hearty seafood tempura, steamed fish paste and much more. These places are perfect for families to enjoy tasty seafood fare in a casual setting.


At some restaurants, you can pick your favorite fish from their water tank and have it cooked in the way you like. One of the most popular seafood dishes is fish sautéed in butter, which usually uses freshly caught white-meat fish in season. If you are looking for the ultimate sushi experience with pieces of delicious nigiri sushi and creative sushi rolls, a sushi specialty restaurant would be your best bet. While food at sushi restaurants is generally not too expensive, some sushi items are subject to market prices; make sure to check the actual price with restaurant staff before ordering. In addition, Okinawa is Japan’s top supplier of prawns, and you can savor fresh succulent Okinawan prawns at reasonable prices.






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