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Get a Hello Kitty app for free!

Take pictures with the Okinawan version of Hello Kitty!


As part of the “Visit Japan Project 2012”, the Japan Tourism Agency has provided a new application for the iPhone starting September 3, 2012. The new application is called “Visit Japan with HELLO KITTY”. The idea is to highlight each of the 47 prefectures when visitors take pictures with HELLO KITTY on their phone at each special location in a prefecture. This application features different sites around Japan. If you are in Okinawa and use this app, an Okinawan Hello Kitty will show up on your phone screen. If you are in Tokyo, a different Hello Kitty will appear. Hello Kitty’s appearance changes depending on where you are in Japan. A different Hello Kitty is designed in association with famous landmarks and products in the different prefectures. The app has an Augmented Reality (AG) camera function that activates the GPS system and determines the location of the users. The different Hello Kitty characters represent the location where you are at and it appears on the screen so you can then choose to take pictures. Basically, the GPS recognizes where you are and Hello Kitty will show up on your phone screen. Users can also post the pictures to various SNS such as Facebook and twitter. In addition, users can make the picture the wallpaper on their phone. The “Visit Japan with HELLO KITTY” app is FREE until March 31, 2013.


New app for iPhone: Visit Japan with HELLO KITTY
Supported languages: English, Korean, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese
Cost: free
Platforms: iOS4, iOS5 (iPhone)
Distribution: download free from App Store until March 31, 2013.




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