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Merry Christmas and happy holidays


coccoloco house

Coccoloco House is a 44-year-old rotisserie chicken specialty shop. Owner Tetsuya Naka’s uncle, who had settled in Peru, started the restaurant. The garlic-flavored chicken, roasted on a specially ordered grill that has been well seasoned, is South American style. During the Christmas season, six grills operate from early morning to late at night, and more than 2,000 chickens sell like hotcakes. Just before Christmas they sell only at the restaurant, and advance orders are not accepted.

Coccoloco House
2-29-14 Osato, Okinawa City



bueno chiken

Owner Tsuneshige Isa, who lived in Argentina for 15 years, returned to Okinawa 36 years ago. After marinating his chickens in 13 spices for a day and a half, he roasts them using a secret method and tops them with a full-bodied sauce.

Bueno Chicken
1-18-23 Futenma, Ginowan City




restaurant machida

“Cheap and delicious” is the restaurant’s motto. Their roast chicken, which is little lower in price than others, is quite popular. After owners Mr. and Mrs. Machida closed a soba shop that they had managed for seven years, they opened this restaurant. At that time, about 10 returnees from Peru were working in the restaurant, and they taught the Machidas how to make Peruvian-style roast chicken. But because this kind of chicken was a little too hot, they modified it to suit Okinawan tastes. The chicken, marinated in a special sauce for several days, is spicy and good to eat with beer.

Restaurant Machida
151-1 Tsuhanaha, Nishihara-cho
restaurant machida_003




This rotisserie chicken has been popular since Jimmy’s was first established. They marinate the chicken with garlic and then baste it with Jimmy’s original soy based-sauce several times during grilling. This process creates an oriental flavor, which is quite different from South American-style chicken, which is seasoned with fragrant herbs.

Jimmy’s Naha branch
3-8-5 Mekaru, Naha City



steak house capital

Originally specializing in beef, Steak House Capital started offering rotisserie chicken this year and is doing a good job of it. Grilling with gas removes the fat and results in a healthy chicken, which is then seasoned with garlic, parsley and pepper. Chickens are ready at 4:00 p.m. every day, or you can place an order in advance. A set menu including a half-chicken, soup, salad, fried potatoes and drink is available at the restaurant for ¥1,500.

Steak House Capital
138 Tengan, Uruma City




garlic chicken

The chicken, which is marinated with three kinds of herbs and 12 spices, is roasted using an infrared grill. The herbs and spices permeate the chicken meat, and the skin is crunchy. The garlic used in the preparation actually serves to increase your appetite. With a reputation spread by word-of-mouth people come long distances to buy from Garlic Chicken. It’s advisable to order in advance at Christmas.

Garlic Chicken
6-3 Chibana, Okinawa City



kokekokko house

“Sell freshly roasted chicken” is the motto of this roast chicken specialty shop that was established 29 years ago. They serve only chicken-to-go. Their style is to use a large amount of garlic and seasonings and then roast it on a specially ordered grill that is powered by both electricity and gas. The owner says, “We always prepare newly roasted chicken, but it’s better to order by telephone in advance.”

Kokekokko House
578-1 Aichi, Ginowan City




Jai Thai’s specialty, roast chicken, has become a staple in many Okinawan homes, especially during the holiday season. Prepared with locally grown chicken and seasoned with a special blend of Thai spices and herbs, the roast chicken boasts an exceptional flavor and juiciness and goes perfectly with their homemade stuffing.

Jai thai
2F, Carnival Park Mihama, 15-69 Mihama, Chatan Town




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