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Okinawa NightLife has released its highly anticipated winter edition!

NightLife Vol.2


Okinawa NightLife’s winter issue is now being distributed to various places on island. Just look for the eye-catching front cover photograph in which Kijimuna from Okinawa Pro-wrestling has an enormous white snake – the zodiac animal of 2013 – wrapped around his neck.

The winter issue includes a list of eating and drinking establishments, special feature stories about Ukishima Street in Naha, area maps and more. Take one today and see what else.

Kijimuna in the cover photograph is pro-wrestler and martial arts fighter Brian Dingo Cannon. Dingo started his career as a pro-wrestler more than 15 years ago and now works for Okinawa Pro-wrestling under the stage name of Kijimuna.

Okinawa Pro-wrestling features 16 wrestling stars, each of them representing something that Okinawa is well known for, such as shisa, habu snake, mongoose, goya and pineapple. Kijimuna is a mythical being from Okinawa who is believed to dwell in banyan trees. As the name implies, Kijimuna mystifies his opponent by hopping around the ring just like a fairy. Making use of various techniques, Kijimuna has won numerous championships and titles.

Dingo got his first title, the ICW Light Heavyweight Championship, in 1997, when he was wrestling for International Championship Wrestling (ICW), a prominent pro-wrestling organization in Canada. As a child, he admired legendary Japanese pro-wrestler Jushin “Thunder” Liger. When he went to see Liger’s match in Sydney at the age of 15, Dingo had the opportunity to personally tell his hero that his dream was to become a pro-wrestler like him. Not only has the dream been realized, but Dingo also tagged with Liger to fight in the Batorunchu — Okinawa Pro-wrestling’s biggest ever match, held in August 2012.

Dingo switched to a vegan lifestyle one year ago, and his daily three to four-hour exercise includes running around Onoyama Athletic Park in Naha and strength training at a gym. With his experience of working as a chef, Dingo cooks delicious, healthy vegetarian dishes for himself, and he loves drinking. Despite his in-ring performance, Dingo seems like a very urban man who puts others before himself.

Wish for good luck in 2013 with auspicious white snakes

Next year is the Year of the Snake. Okinawa World, a large theme park in Nanjo City, is drawing a great deal of attention with a popular promotion: a photo opportunity with a white and gold constrictor. In Japan the white snake is considered the incarnation of Benzaiten, the Buddhist goddess of wealth, and it is a symbol of prosperity. Come and feel the unexpectedly smooth and silky skin of this exotic reptile for yourself. White snakes are quite tame, and you don’t need to have any fear of handling them. And according to feng shui, which is commonly followed in Okinawa, gold is one of the lucky colors of the coming year.

May the cover photograph with an enormous white and gold snake bring you enormous luck in 2013!


Okinawa World
Hours: 9:00-18:00
Open daily


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