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Central Okinawa


About a fifth of Okinawa’s land is occupied by U.S. bases, with the major facilities located in the central part of the island, in Chatan and Okinawa City. Mihama American Village and its neighborhood and the Sunabe waterfront area in Chatan are dotted with a great many American-style bars and eateries, cafés with beautiful ocean views, burger shops and teppanyaki restaurants. The areas are quite crowded with locals and U.S. military personnel, especially on weekends. Frequented by American customers on a daily basis, many restaurants in central Okinawa accept payment in U.S. dollars. (Be sure to contact establishments in advance to confirm because not all places accept U.S. dollars.) With an increasing number of multiple currency exchange booths in Chatan, it would be difficult to find yourself without yen in the town. The exchange center in Mihama American Village, which has the longest hours of operation in the area, is open until 23:00.

The bars, live houses and nightclubs scattered around the areas surrounding Kadena Air Base often have staff who are comfortable speaking English and are quite used to handling payment in US dollars.





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