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Trick Trip

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Photos by Joe Hong Kim

Trick Trip, a museum of trick art, opened its door to visitors on the third floor of Carnival Park Mihama on April 27th, 2013. A number of skilled trick art works show various life-like illusions exhibited on walls and floors. Visitors can wonder at 3D paintings of fish out of an aquarium, “hold” the setting of the sun by hand and be “attacked” by a giant shark from the floor. Other fascinating attractions of street art tricks include a colorful kaleidoscope and Miller way. Be sure to bring a camera with you and take pictures of these amazing works of art! Manfred Stader, a famous German artist of street art in 3D, creates these main artworks. He has done street art since the 80’s, as well as chalk art. He receives many offers from all over the world to present his work, and now he is sharing it with Okinawa. His recent work, a gigantic piece with a size of 30m×10m, is used in the Japanese TV commercial for the Fuji Xerox Company, which has gained much attraction all over Japan. His artworks are definitely fun and amazing to see. This is one museum you won’t want to miss!   Place: Carnival Park Mihama, 3F Hours: 11:00-21:00 Admission: 700 yen for adults / 400 yen for children / FREE for kids under 3 years old  

Manfred Stader, visiting Okinawa for the pre-opening of Trick Trip, finishes off his artwork.


Manfred Stader has a deep friendship with Kurt Wenner, a 3D artist form the United States.


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