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Aqua Panda’s Café

Say hello to Aqua Panda at Carnival Park Mihama this summer. The Aqua Panda’s Café is Okinawa’s first character-themed café with food in the shape of cute little bears.
The café is high on the kawaii (cute) factor, and a lot of creativity goes into the food presentation. The omurice (omelet made with fried rice) is shaped like a bear at bedtime with stars and a moon on the sides, while the curry dish (available in mild, medium hot and hot) looks like a bear lounging in the sea with fish around it. You can also order Chara and Chari, a pair of bear-shaped sandwiches.
If you’re looking to cool off on a hot summer day, try one of their soft serve ice creams for 300 yen, available in 25 flavors including unique picks like almond jelly, wasabi and red bean paste (ogura).
Decked out in blue with Aqua Pandas all over, the café is very kid friendly, complete with child-sized tables and chairs. A great place for your little ones!

Aqua Pandas are legendary creatures, said to reside solely in beautiful seas.
Legend has it that the Aqua Panda first appeared in 1010 of the Aqua Era in Okinawa’s churaumi, meaning beautiful seas in the local dialect, and today about 20 families of Aqua Pandas inhabit different seas around the world.
Aqua Panda brother and sister Chari and Chara would often quarrel in the sea. One day they decided to set out on a journey together, and after meeting many new friends and having fun adventures on the island, the two finally ended up at this art museum in Mihama.
Your adventure at the Aqua Panda’s Trick Trip museum will be guided by the charming Chara and Chari from beginning to end.


Aqua Panda’s Cafe
3F 15-69 Mihama, Chatan Town


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