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Report from the 4th Chatan No. 1 Gourmet Battle

The Chatan No. 1 Gourmet Battle, the biggest annual food event in Okinawa, featuring 35 local restaurants competing for the best gourmet dish, was a great success, with about 30,000 food-lovers attending over the event’s two days. There were a number of new and creative dishes made especially for the event by participating restaurants. Visitors were able to sample three dishes of their choice for an entrance fee of 1,000 yen and then voted for their favorite by throwing their used chopsticks into the designated boxes. The winning dishes were determined by the total weight of chopsticks received in their boxes.

In front of Okinawa Batake’s booth was a long line of people on both days, waiting to sample their specialty steak bowl.

Welcoming visitors and distributing tickets at the ticket counter were Churahama Ambassadors selected in the Ambassador Contest held during the Seaport Chatan Carnival in July.


Winners of the 4th Chatan No. 1 Gourmet Battle

Head over to the award-winning restaurants and enjoy Chatan’s best gourmet dishes for yourself!

First prize:
Steak bowl with Chatan-no-shio dressing (created from a specialty salt produced in Chatan) by Okinawa Batake

Second prize:
Chatan-no-shio caramel pancakes by Lagoon’s Sister Amis

Third prize:
Omu-taco with bacon and mozzarella by Kijimuna, Depot Island branch

Fourth prize:
Rice bowl with broiled beef short ribs and a hint of Chatan-no-shio by Sunrise, Mihama branch

Fifth prize:
Taco rice with melted cheese by Double Decker


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