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America’s favorites

America’s favorites
Fondant-covered cake specialty shop in Mihama

On the first floor of Dragon Palace at the Mihama American Village, a cute and poppy sweet shop, 143 Popcake, has opened its doors. The owner, Akiko Hoshino has been cooking cakes since her childhood. Before she finally opened her own shop, Akiko has been making handmade cakes on a per order basis. Inspired by the lovely appearance of fondant and by its amazing taste, Akiko enjoys the art of making fondant desserts and focuses on creating new and amazing decorations for all her sweet creations.

143 Cupcake’s cupcakes will delight you with their one-of-a-kind cupcake designs and their balanced sweetness. Unlike the typical American cupcake, the shop’s cupcakes feature cute looks and a healthy, sweet taste that is light and butter cream free!

The cupcakes are available at 350 yen and the bite-sized popcakes at 150 yen. 143 Popcake also takes custom cake orders. 143 Popcake’s lovely cakes are the perfect, extra delight to birthday parties and special events.



Photo by Yumeka Nagamine


Photos by  Shiina Tamaki

Photos by Shiina Tamaki


Photos by  Yumeka Nagamine

Photo by Yumeka Nagamine



143 Popcake
1F Dragon Palace, 15-68 Mihama, Chatan Town
Tel: 090-68634488
Hours: 11:30-21:30
Open daily
Yen only


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