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Located along Onna’s west coast, which is lined with a number of beach resorts and hotels, Shimabuta-ya is a specialty restaurant that exclusively serves Okinawan premium aguu pork produced in the rich natural environment of northern Okinawa. The most highly recommended dish at Shimabuta-ya is no doubt the aguu tonkatsu (pork cutlet), which is covered in fresh breadcrumbs made from homemade bread baked with natural yeast and deep-fried in quality aguu pork lard. With its pleasant combination of light and crispy textures on the outside and rich, full flavor locked inside, this tonkatsu will never fail to please your taste buds.

Aguu pork shabu-shabu is one of the most popular dishes at Shimabuta-ya. Cooked in the restaurant’s specialty broth, shabu-shabu is a simple and great way to enjoy the naturally flavorful Okinawan pork. Highlighted on the drink menu is a wide variety of homemade fruit liquor made by soaking tropical fruit in awamori.

Shimabuta-ya features an Okinawan-themed interior with sanshin (Okinawan three-string instrument) and Ryukyu glassware displayed around the restaurant. In addition, it also offers outdoor terrace seating.

The restaurant is located close to the entrance of Hotel Moon Beach on Route 58.


The deep-fried pork cutlet is pleasantly light and crispy on the outside, while juicy and tender on the inside. The set also includes homemade vegetable pickles, miso soup and rice.



Shabu-shabu — a healthy hot pot dish prepared by submerging thin slices of meat in a pot of boiling broth — is a perfect choice for families and groups of friends looking to enjoy a meal at their own pace. Savor the rich flavor of aguu pork (loin, belly, leg) and vegetables cooked in Shimabuta-ya’s specialty shabu-shabu broth.



Pets are also allowed in the open-air terrace seating area, offering a great place for a sunny, warm winter day to enjoy sitting in the sun and a relaxing lunch with your dog.



Private rooms with tatami mats and horigotatsu (sunken floor with table) are the perfect option for groups and family gatherings. The largest rooms can accommodate up to 10 people.




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