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Karasu Vol. 29

Karasu Volume 28 Kickboxing Tournament at Koza Music Town
By Caleb Clark

On Sunday, Jan. 26, a total of 56 amateur fighters stepped into the ring at Koza Music Town to flaunt their skills — only 28 would come out victorious. For five adrenaline-fueled hours, an eager and enthusiastic crowd cheered their local fighters on to show their support and inspire victory. The excitement and intensity found in the crowd equaled and surpassed any professional fight of the UFC or K-1 Pride matchups, largely due to the fact that the fighters represented local townships on the island. Local rivalries make for exciting drama. As one spectator, Takumi Ledbetter, stated frankly, “This is amateur fighting with a professional production value.” Even without the strict training and fighting skill seen at the professional level, the local amateurs’ night proved to be an enjoyable and entertaining event and a fun, new way to experience the local community.

Karasu kickboxing rules appear to be similar to that of standard kickboxing. Fighters may not use their elbows or attack an opponent while he is on the ground. They are allowed to use their knees and neck holds to weaken their opponent. Each fight lasts two rounds, with a chance for an additional round in the more advanced fights if the fight is too close to call. Sunday’s final fight went into an extra round in order for the judges to decide the contest, giving the fans two extra minutes of nail-biting excitement. Three ringside judges were present, counting each strike, or combination of strikes, to unanimously decide on a winner if a knockout did not occur. Bonuses were given to those who managed to knock out their opponent, and a two knockdown rule was in effect during a given round for the safety of the fighters.

The local fights are an exciting way to discover a different side of Okinawa. Take the opportunity to participate in fights as a spectator — you won’t regret the decision. Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming fights and other thrilling events by checking the Oki Nightlife web site at


 Karasu Vol. 29
Date: Sunday, March 30, 2014


Prize: 2 pairs of tickets to the Karasu Vol. 29
*Tickets valued at 6,000 yen (3,000 yen x 2)

Deadline for entry: Wednesday, March 26, 2014 at noon

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