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Restaurant Makan Makan


Makan Makan — authentic Cantonese restaurant located at Coco Garden Resort

Are you craving some dim sum and freshly cooked Chinese fare? Make your way to Makan Makan today! Makan Makan is an authentic Chinese restaurant located at Coco Garden Resort, a popular resort hotel in central Okinawa surrounded by lush green hills.

The restaurant is very popular for its all-you-can-eat dim sum lunch and dinner deals, which allow diners to enjoy 48 and 60 different delectable food items respectively. All dishes, including dim sum and other Chinese dishes, are freshly prepared. During lunch time, you can enjoy a wide variety of appetizers, soup, rice dishes, dim sum, such as dumplings and spring rolls, Chinese mitten crab soup, braised prawn in chili sauce and stewed whole shark fin in oyster sauce, which can be ordered for an extra cost of only 500 yen. More delights are available during dinner time such as steamed shrimp with garlic, xiaolongbao (soup dumplings) and sautéed abalone with XO sauce (one serving per person only). There is also a delicious selection of sweets available during lunch and dinner, including almond jelly, ice cream, the uniquely Okinawan purple sweet potato desserts and many more.

Besides the all-you-can-eat options, there are also a la carte and other course meals! The Makan Makan Lunch course (at 2,000 yen only) features appetizer, soup, dim sum, main course (you can choose any of the following: Braised prawn, squid and scallops in chili sauce; pork ribs with specialty black vinegar sauce; stir-fried beef and vegetables with oyster sauce; rice bowl topped with sautéed pork and vegetables with thick starchy sauce) and dessert. The Cantonese Course (served during the dinner hours only; 4,500 yen) includes a sirloin steak and stir-fried prawns (or lobster for the 8,000 yen option) and vegetables as the main course.

With its bright airy atmosphere, the terrace seating is the perfect way to enjoy a great Makan Makan dining experience.

*Prices listed in this page are new prices that will take effect in April 2014.
*Prices listed do not include tax or service charge.



All-you-can-eat Cantonese dim sum lunch
Hours: 12:00-15:00
Price: Adults 2,300 yen; junior high school students 1,610 yen; elementary school students 1,150 yen
*Prices above do not include tax or service charge.



All-you-can-eat Cantonese dim sum dinner
Hours: 17:30-21:00
Price: Adults 3,600 yen; junior high school students 2,520 yen; elementary school students 1,800 yen
*Prices above do not include tax or service charge.




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