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Enjoy the taste of freshly caught seafood

Being an island, Okinawa offers plenty of seafood all year round. The best places to find fresh seafood are the fish markets in fishing ports throughout the island. Not only can you purchase the best-quality seafood, you can also enjoy tempura and reasonably priced seafood meals at the lively adjacent eateries. Along with fresh tuna and bonito, many colorful tropical fish are displayed at fish markets, including the beautiful blue irabucha (parrot fish), a fish popular for sashimi and considered to be one of Okinawa’s premier fish, and miibai (grouper), a red fish that is commonly deep fried. While many supermarkets offer pre-packaged seafood, at the fishing ports you can have your favorite fish cleaned and prepared however you like. A market and eatery are attached to most fishing ports in Okinawa. Here we introduce you to some of the most popular fishing ports.


Awase Fishing Port

A. Also offering beef, the market is a perfect place to buy the ingredients for a BBQ. The head fisherman recommends mahi mahi (April-May and November-December), tuna (summer) and wahoo (spring) for BBQ.
B. In the fish market, the air is filled with energetic voices.

Located on the Pacific Ocean side of the island, the Awase Fishing Port is a very famous fishing spot in central Okinawa. The Payao fresh seafood retail shop in the port is said to be the most thriving fish market on Okinawa, and sometimes about 30 different types of fresh seafood are on offer. In addition, various marine products, tempura, ready-to-eat dishes and locally grown vegetables are available in the huge market. At the eatery you can enjoy Okinawa’s typical seafood dishes for a reasonable price; the set meal of lobster with sea urchin sauce is the most popular menu item here. The best times for visiting the fish market is around 10:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m., when the display is replenished with fresh seafood.

Payao fresh seafood retail shop in Awase Port
Hours: 10:30 – 18:00 (10:30 – 17:30 during the winter)


Chatan Fishing Port

A. Soft-shell crab burger. Sliced cabbage and mayonnaise create a perfect harmony in taste (850 yen).
B. A set meal of fish sautéed in butter (1,400 yen).
C. Hearty seafood tempura is only about 70 yen per piece.

The Chatan Fishing Port is located in Chatan’s Sunabe area, which is being transformed into a new waterfront district. It can be easily accessed from the Mihama area, the popular entertainment center. Osakana-ya in the Chatan Fishing Port offers a large variety of hearty seafood dishes produced by fishermen’s wives, including a set meal of deep-fried fish and a tuna bowl, as well as unique menu items such as a catfish burger and a soft-shell crab burger with Chatan’s specialty gazami gani (Japanese blue crab). A fresh seafood and sashimi retail shop is attached to the port.

Osakana-ya in the Chatan Fishing Port
Eatery 10:00 – 17:00; retail space 11:00 – 17:00




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