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5th Annual Paint Act Custom Hot Rod & Bike Show

Hot Rods, Burnouts and custom pin striping works are what everyone is coming to see.  Since 2010 Paint act Drawin event has been a great hit with the custom car and bike community.  The event features live pin striping and writing works by hand using enamel paint.  Additionally, an array of custom-designed cars and bikes are displayed; Hot Rod (1920-1930) and some of the bobbers and Choppers customized with old school style Harley.

Drawin Inside

The event will be held at the A&W in Makiminato; it is free and open to the public. Also, for the true fan of the art, you will also be able to bring out your own equipment, bike or vehicle to be worked on by one of the great guest professional artist for a fee. This is the fifth annual celebration of the custom paint, bike and car event and expected to bring out a massive crowd of supporters and enthusiasts.

drawin pin strip

So if you are looking for something exciting, entertaining and different to enjoy on the island this weekend then you can’t miss out on this amazing event.  Check out some of the snapshots from previous events to get an understanding of what is to come.

Drawin Inside1

Click here for more information:  Paint Act Drawin Hot Rod & Bike Show


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