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Blue Habu – In Good Spirits

Introducing one of Okinawa’s youngest trade companies, Blue Habu Trade Group. Headquartered in Okinawa City, Blue Habu specializes in the import and distribution of premium alcoholic beverages, most of which are first time imports for Japan! Visit their liquor store & bar located near Naka-no-Machi to taste a cocktail prepared using some of the imported products. Among the available offerings are handcrafted spirits such as Gin, Arrack, and Pisco, each shown below. The portfolio also includes two high quality Rums.



Staff bartenders often use local ingredients such as fresh shikwasa juice or an Awamori liqueur to craft their drinks. If the tasting of unique spirits leaves you craving your own bottle, it is possible to purchase on the spot or place an order online and set delivery for a later date. Soft drinks and non-alcoholic cocktails are also available. Visit Blue Habu to shop, or to learn more about the unique product offerings and future plans!



Blue Habu Trade Group

2-7-26 Uechi, Okinawa City

Map Code: 33 590 411*74

Cell: 090-5085-7210



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