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‘Belly dancing is my life mission’



Anze Shaw has been actively performing and teaching belly dancing here in Okinawa for the past 10 years, with a passionate determination to devote her life to this exotic art form.

As she starts moving her body to the sensuous music, you notice a dramatic change in her facial expression, as if she is possessed by the spirit of the dance god. Involving the entire body are the circular movements of the hips, called shimmies or hip circles, and the rib cage, known as chest circles, while shoulder and arm movements are done to accent chest and belly undulations, all of which are put together to visually communicate to the audience the emotion and rhythm of the music.

Shaw assists students in learning about the art of belly dancing, including lectures on the history of the dance form and the accompanying music as well as the spiritual aspect of the dance. One thing she does every year with her students is a trip to Egypt, a country known for its rich tradition of belly dancing. While teaching at her own dance studio, she is also busy as a performer in response to constant invitations to various festivals and events.

“In Middle Eastern countries, belly dancers are customarily hired to warm up wedding ceremonies, various parties and family events. I’ll be more than happy to perform if there are offers regardless of the size of the event. It would be wonderful if I could share the great tradition of belly dancing with more people in Okinawa,“ says Shaw.


Anze Shaw

Born on Miyako Island, Shaw began belly dancing in 1999. After opening her first belly dance school in Urasoe, she also started giving lessons at locations in Chatan and on Miyako Island, where she flies once a week to teach. She performs at numerous events throughout the year.

Movie >>2007 Ryukyu Folk Festival (Ryukyu no Saiten)
Belly dancing to the sound of live music by popular Okinawan musician Hidekatsu, with the rhythmic sound of Japanese drums adding a very exotic atmosphere to the dynamic performance.

Movie >>2007 Ryukyu Folk Festival (Ryukyu no Saiten)
Belly dance performance by instructor Anze Shaw and her students at the Isis Oriental Dance Academy.

Movie >>2009 Chura Festival
Belly dance show at an event sponsored by the Southern Beach Hotel & Resort Okinawa.


Event: Bellydance Kingdom

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International Belly Dancing Academy
2-190 Miyagi, Chatan Town


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