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A day of fun and games


By Tina Fonacier-Flores

During Golden Week my daughter and I along with her friends visited the Club SEGA amusement center in Mihama American Village.

The kids were very excited since they love playing arcade games, winning prizes and taking pictures in picture booths. Club SEGA has all this and more!

The place was filled with a lot of children, teenagers and adults. There were also numerous staff members walking around to assist customers, especially non-Japanese-speakers like me. Despite their limited English, they were still able to help me with playing the games and directing me to the picture booths and the UFO Catcher machines, of which there were many across the entire floor. These are the games that have “claws” which you control to catch a prize at the bottom. To play, you need to put yen in the machine. You may win, you may not, but the prizes are all so cool that it’s worth a shot!



The kids enjoyed taking pictures at the Print Club photo booth section. There are a lot of booths to choose from, depending on your style. This is a fun way for customers to have pictures where they make silly faces and poses and can create their own background.



Players can either use yen coins or they can use tokens, which are called “medals” at Club SEGA. There are machines where you can get your yen converted to medals, which are shaped liked coins. Make sure to read whether a machine says “yen” or “medal” because I spent some time being confused and trying to figure out why I couldn’t play when I dropped my medal into a yen-only machine.



There were a lot of games to choose from. Some examples are the car-racing games and basketball shots. There was one particular game that seemed to be popular with people of all ages. This machine was filled with a lot of medals at the bottom. The player would drop a medal into the slot, and it would roll down a small tube, then “jump” into a hole. Imagine playing basketball and trying to shoot the ball into the basket. If the medal shoots into a hole, you will win all the medals at the bottom, which is a lot!



Club SEGA is definitely a place for kids and fun-loving adults. It offers a large variety of games and a lot of chances for you to win prizes. Most of the machines have Japanese instructions, so asking the staff members for help is a must.

I recommend that you spend a few hours at Club SEGA and have some fun shooting hoops, racing cars, “catching” prizes, playing games or having fun in front of a camera! This is a place for the whole family to enjoy.



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