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Kachimba DX


In 1998, the Okinawan salsa band Kachimba 1551 was formed, consisting of 10 members: 2 vocalists including the band leader Taro, a bassist, a pianist, a guitarist, 2 percussionists and 3 wind instrumentalists. Their music is rooted from Cuban salsa and the band music has broken new ground in Okinawan salsa by arranging Okinawan folk music that is mostly in its original pieces, into salsa style. The band has continued creating distinctive sounds ever since.

Since 2001, starting with live performances in Cuba, the band has achieved major success and continued to make a number of international appearances. They have toured extensively in Singapore, Hong Kong, Korea, and other Asian countries, and also performed with world-famous musicians. In 2007, the band organized a charity concert to support the festival called the “The 100th anniversary of Okinawan immigrants in Cuba”. They also appeared in the documentary film music entitled “Salsa and Champuru”, the theme being Nikkei emigrants in Cuba.

In 2012, Kachimba 1551 started a new, larger and unique band called Kachimba DX by welcoming 3 more freshmen: 2 vocalists and 1 percussionist, in pursuit of newer and fresher music. Now, all Kachimba bands have widened its appeal even more. There are 2 other bands, Kachimba 4 and Kachimba 5 by the former members of Kachimba 1551, that continue to attract many fans. Kachimba bands perform Latin music incorporating various rhythms such as Caribbean, Middle Eastern, Spanish and Brazilian styles. Aside form its musical activities, the bands will never stop seeking new creative sounds with Latin music, which they play with so much talent.



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