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Artist spotlights: Suguru Ikeda (Folk & Okinawan pop)

Suguru Ikeda, highly recommended by the staff here at Okinawa NightLife, is a singer-songwriter from the Yaeyama region, a chain of islands on the western edge of Okinawa Prefecture. He has released nine albums so far covering Okinawan pop and Yaeyama minyo (folk song) pieces, and his songs have been used for numerous TV commercials in Okinawa. Part of Suguru attraction comes from his background. Growing up in Hunauki, a small village with around 50 residents, located on the western coast of Iriomote Island, he spent a lot of time with his warm and kind grandmother. Now he writes songs about his home island and sings while playing the shamisen. His music attracts not only locals but also listeners from outside Okinawa as his emotional and melodious songs can transcend language barriers and find a home in people’s hearts.


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