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Ryukyu Chimdon Gakudan

Ryukyu Chimdon Gakudan came together in April, 2003 and started out with eight people. “Chimdon” means to feel excited or being bubbly.  It sounds similar to the word “Chindon” which means a street musician who parades around to advertise a product while wearing a colorful costume.  They are referred to as a “super entertainment group” because not only is their music unique, but they also dance and perform on the stage.  The music has the essence of Okinawan pop music, J-pop and Asian pop, fused with some traditional Ryukyuan music.

One the best characteristics of this band are their parade. They enjoy parading in the street, around the audience, and even on the stage.  As they parade around, the audience is asked to join them and become a part of the band. They encourage audience participation so everyone can sing, dance and parade around together enjoying the unique sights and sounds of Ryukyu Chimdon Gakudan.


Check Ryukyu Chimdon Band’s sound here.


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