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Grand reopening: Uraniwa


Okinawa experiences on average 27 typhoons a year, of which approximately seven strike in August. The largest typhoon recorded in Okinawa hit Miyako Island Sept. 4-6, 1966. Typhoon Colla had a maximum instantaneous wind speed of 85.3 m/s and the most powerful wind velocity on record in Japan.

In one of Okinawa’s many typhoons this year, a Balinese restaurant called Uraniwa in Onna Village was destroyed by Typhoon Bolaven, on Aug. 26, 2012. The staff worked together to rebuild the restaurant, and Uraniwa reopened on Sept. 18, 2012.

Dining at Uraniwa gives visitors a sense of spending time at a luxurious Asian resort. You can choose fresh fish from the tank for preparation in the style of your choice. Okinawan fusion cuisine and drinks are also available. Their fresh fried shrimp with chili mayonnaise sauce is highly recommended. They serve premium Okinawan meat such as Ishigaki beef as well as fresh fish and Thai cuisine. All-you-can-drink plans with various selections, including awamori cocktails, are available starting from 4,200 yen.

Performances of sanshin, an Okinawan three-stringed instrument, take place Monday through Wednesday. A live show of djembe, or African drums, is held on Friday, with acoustic guitar on Saturday and Sunday.

To get to the newly reopened restaurant, follow Route 58 north and take a right at the sign for the Kafuu Resort Fuchaku Condo and Hotel. The restaurant will be on the right.


256 Fuchaku, Onna Village



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