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7th Heaven celebrates its 12th anniversary!

7th Heaven is a bar and live house located in Okinawa City. It is the only place where you can see Okinawa’s legendary rock band, Murasaki, perform, and it is also the home base for 8-Ball, the Okinawan rock group known for a variety of songs that are very popular among street racing gangs all over the country. 7th Heaven hosts a wide range of live music shows by local musicians, famous bands and F.O.D., 7th Heaven’s house band. The owner, Ray, was a member of the since-disbanded New Murasaki as well as 8-Ball and F.O.D, and he knows a large number of musicians of various genres. This place is frequented by rock lovers as well as an international crowd. 7th Heaven is well known for having a quality sound system. A unique program called Ore-sama Rock Bar takes place every day after the live performance or from 11:00 p.m. when no concert is scheduled. During this program, customers can enjoy karaoke sessions in 7th Heaven’s professional setting. Murasaki is the grand finale of the Peaceful Love Rock Festival, Okinawa’s biggest annual rock event. Their live performance is definitely a must-see in Okinawa.



F.O.D / Ray (vocals) / Keichi (guitar) / Chris (bass) / Leon (drums)



George Murasaki (Hammond organ & keyboards) / Kiyamasa Higa (guitar) /
GG (guitar) / Eiichi “Chibi” Miyanaga (drums) / JJ (vocals) / Chris (bass).


Murasaki reborn

By the 1980s all the dominant Okinawan rock groups had disbanded, and though several tried to regroup with various members and new styles, most were temporary. However, this all changed when Murasaki’s golden era members teamed up with JJ (a top vocalist in the Okinawan rock scene) and bassist Chris (roughly half the age of the other members at 30 years old) and re-established Murasaki. In 2010 Murasaki released their first album in 34 years, “Purplessence.”

Event: 7th Heaven’s 12th anniversary


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