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Need Cash? International ATM service


With Japan Post Bank ATMs, you can withdraw Japanese yen using credit cards or cash cards issued overseas. Japan Post Bank ATMs are installed at every post office, or 郵便局 yubinkyoku, and they are available at numerous other locations throughout the island. It may be difficult to find some of the ATMs, especially those that are located in residential areas; you are recommended simply to ask hotel staff for directions. The ATMs can be found at Naha Airport’s domestic terminal and major shopping malls in and around Naha City as well.


Hours of operation: Japan Post Bank ATMs at Naha Airport domestic terminal

・ATM corner on the 2nd floor:
Weekdays 7:00-21:00; Sat, Sun, holidays 8:00-21:00

・Post office on the 1st floor:
Weekdays 9:00-21:00; Sat, Sun, holidays 9:00-17:00


Japan Post Bank ATMs at major shopping malls and main facilities in Okinawa
*Visit the Okinawa Story website for a complete list of Japan Post Bank ATMs in Okinawa.


*Service hours vary by ATM.
*Please note some cards cannot be used to withdraw cash at Japan Post Bank ATMs


Japan Post Bank official website/International ATM Service



Okinawa Story website (web portal for sightseeing information in Okinawa)/Japan Post Bank ATM locations in Okinawa




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