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A new spot in Kadena for a ‘murder burger’


Satsujin Burger is a unique burger shop that recently opened just outside the entrance to the Navel Kadena shopping center. The shop serves up a wide range of specialty burgers, including the standard mushroom burger, Mexican burger with avocado and Hawaiian burger with a fried egg and pineapple slice.

The shop’s signature burger, the Satsujin Burger (literally meaning murder burger), is famed for its extreme spiciness. For the Satsujin Burger, you can choose a sauce from three levels of spiciness, and its price is determined by rolling two dice and multiplying the total by 100 yen. If you score two “1”s, you can eat the burger for only 200 yen, or for 1,200 yen if you are very unlucky. The fun of rolling the dice just adds to the popularity of the Satsujin Burger. If you are a true hot sauce lover, try the sauce of the highest or the second highest heat level.

Another very unique burger is called the Metabo Burger (1,750 yen, including unlimited fries) and it contains about 5,000 kcal!



All burgers are served with French fries (from 800 yen).



You are required to sign this agreement to buy the super hot Satsujin Burger.


Satsujin Burger
Navel Kadena, 372-2 Kaneku, Kadena Town


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