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International Summer Camp in Ogimi 2013


Give your kids a fun and engaging experience this summer!

The International Summer Camp in Ogimi is an exciting opportunity for children to learn about Okinawan nature and culture through a variety of fun activities and programs, such as a hands-on farming experience, nature walks, bird watching, beach volleyball, cooking, BBQ and stargazing. This is an annual summer event presented by Ogimi Green Tourism — a local nonprofit organization specializing in ecotourism-related activities — and this year the camp will take place from July 24-28.


The camp will be held in Ogimi Village in northern Okinawa, and campers can look forward to visiting a waterfall, enjoying a home-stay with villagers and sailing on the hokake sabani — a traditional wooden boat that is believed to be a predecessor to the present-day sailboat. Ogimi Village, internationally known for the longevity of its residents, is home a number of centenarians. Participants will also visit an elementary school in the village to socialize and make friends with the local students.


In cooperation with the Okinawa International School in Naha City, this year’s International Summer Camp in Ogimi provides the extra advantage of interacting and making friends with Japanese students who are learning English at the international school in addition to those from the village.


Ogimi Green Tourism welcomes American children living in Okinawa to experience a language and cultural exchange through fun and play with their Okinawan peers. For more information, visit or contact Asako Kameya at 080-2757-0332.



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