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Restaurants Char-grilled yakiniku restaurant Ryukyu-no-Ushi 本格炭火焼肉 琉球の牛


Ryukyu-no-Ushi is a char-grilled yakiniku restaurant, a perfect place to enjoy the highest quality Japanese beef. The restaurant is very proud to offer fresh, top-quality ingredients, which are selected according to their high standards with the utmost of care.

What makes Ryukyu-no-Ushi so unique is that it focuses on the finest quality Japanese non-brand-name beef as well as famous Okinawan beef brands, including Ishigaki beef, which is well known all over the country. Only the best cuts of Okinawan beef are on offer here, and the mild and sophisticated flavor of the meat will win your heart.

Recommended for those seeking top-quality meat at more affordable prices is non-brand-name Japanese beef, selected by a meat expert with an emphasis on quality rather than brand name or site of production.

The menu features a large variety of à-la-carte items, set meals and drinks. Why not try yakiniku, the Japanese-style BBQ that is becoming increasingly well-known worldwide, during your stay in Okinawa?



Ryukyu-no-Ushi offers high-quality beef prepared in the way it can best be enjoyed. Sushi topped with char-grilled beef slices highly recommended. (right)



Prime sirloin steak. Char-grilling is the best way to savor the delicious natural flavor of quality meat.
All seating is comfortable horigotatsu-style with sunken areas beneath the table for your legs.


Char-grilled yakiniku restaurant Ryukyu-no-Ushi

909-2 Maeganeku, Onna Village, Kunigami, Okinawa
Daily 17:00-23:30
  • Credit cards accepted
  • English menu available
  • Parking available

Features : Ishigaki beef, Okinawan ingredients, awamori, floor table with leg well, grilled meat, laid back, on Route 58

Cuisine : Grilled food, Yakiniku


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