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Dope Tattoo delights fans of traditional Japanese tattoos

Dope Tattoo Chatan Branch is home base for a very experienced artisan. Jin has more than ten years of experience each in creating skin art and are well-versed in traditional Japanese tattooing. Jin is a specialists in classic Japanese tattooing and is also able to draw a wide range of American designs. All custom tattoo requests are accommodated at Dope Tattoo.
The owners of Dope Tattoo are firm believers in providing first-class sanitary conditions for their customers. All equipment is cleansed in an onsite sterilization room equipped with both an autoclave and an ultrasonic sterilizer to ensure patrons have the safest experience possible.
Dope Tattoo is located only a stone’s throw away from the Sunabe Seawall. Dope Tattoo is open daily from 12:00-22:00; walk-in customers are always welcome. The studio is staffed with English-speaking employees to ensure a comfortable experience throughout each tattoo session.


Jin’s profile

Experience: 10 years
Home town: Tochigi

Tattoo artist Jin is known for his versatility in many differing tattoo styles, from traditional Japanese to neo-traditional designs. He is also well-versed in designing Japanese- and Western-style one-of-a-kind custom tattoos.

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Dope Tattoo Chatan Branch

1F, 1-278 Miyagi, Chatan Town
12:00-22:00 Open daily
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