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The heart and craft of beer

Located about 50 meters toward the ocean from Mihama’s landmark Ferris wheel and facing the canal, the Okinawa Brewing Mihama Café is easy to find: Just look for the colorful turtle-shaped sign with orange lettering. There is outdoor seating on the veranda, tables and booths inside and, of course, ample seating at the bar. Japanese and English-speaking patrons are greeted at the door by a bilingual staff in a relaxed atmosphere with classic rock adding a touch of spice over the sound system.

The food menu consists of English pub fare, such as fish and chips (don’t forget the malt vinegar) and shepherd’s pie; Mexican, including Baja or ceviche fish tacos; Okinawa-inspired, such as aguu pork gyoza (potstickers); and also classic American dishes including sticky, spicy buffalo wings.

If you are a first-timer, you will be glad to have one or two people in front of you in the order line because this will give you a good chance to view the beer menu on the wall, listing the 24 taps running behind the counter. Take your time perusing the selection of 50 bottled craft beers and ales as well.

Ciders, from classic apple to pear and elderberry, help round out the drink menu, but, as you might imagine, the real reason to visit the Okinawa Brewing Company is the beer. The selection of beers on tap ranges from mild, wheat brews and hoppy West Coast IPAs (India pale ales) to porters and stouts. Okinawa Brewing also has four of its own beers on tap, featuring IPAs, another pale ale, watermelon wheat and beni imo – a smooth wheat beer made with the famous Yomitan purple sweet potato. The beer menu also features a wide variety of styles from mild citrus beer to spicy habanero.

What is a craft beer? “These days you’ll hear the term ‘craft beer’ used often,” said Okinawa Brewing Company partner Mike Boom. “But a true ‘craft beer’ in the United States, at least, has to follow certain guidelines having to do with the volume of production.” There are also criteria governing ingredients and fermentation methods that must be followed to keep the product definable as beer instead of, say, a flavored malt beverage.

Okinawa Brewing Company follows U.S. guidelines and takes pride in offering true American-style craft beers to the people of Okinawa.

For more information:

Okinawa Brewing Company Mihama Café

Plaza F 9-7 Mihama Chatan Town
(098) 989-9968
Tue-Thu 16:00-23:00; Fri-Sun 11:00-24:00
  • $ accepted
  • English menu available
  • Parking available

Cuisine : American


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